Biryani Blust!!!

“Romzaner oi rozar sheshe (After the end of one month Ramadan)

Elo khushir eid” ( joyful Eid has appeared)

I think every Muslims’ heart sings this song on the day of Eid-ul-fitr, at least in my mind. Eid is the most significant day for Muslim nation because Muslims reach to this day by their sacrificing of one month fasting towards God known as Eid-ul-fitr. Actually there are two Eids; Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-azha. But Eid-ul-fitr brings the excitement as it comes after one month waiting and it is said that Eid-ul-fitr is a special gift from the God as he takes exam of his devotees.

Aha foooodd. Where there is a big festival, we can’t imagine celebrating the festival without foods, special foods. So, in the day of Eid-ul-fitr one will discover lots of delicious cuisine in every Muslim’s dwellings.

Unlike usual day women and girls also men wake up very early in the morning, even a girl who hardly put her step to kitchen, in the Eid day she also touches the cooking tools, pans. Sometimes hullabaloo will come from the kitchen of what to cook, who wants to eat what: “no, I want milk rice, dry vermicelli”, “no, I want noodles, yellow rice, beef curry” or some will say “I want biryaniii…”.

HHmmm, Biryani, I guess no one will deny to have this gorgeous food who have tested once. In Eid-ul-fitr in every Muslims’ home definitely there will be sweet dishes; it is fixed like a ritual. In Bangladesh vermicelli is cooked in every house with milk, sugar and one can put dry fruits, nuts also. Now a day’s along with vermicelli people add more sweet items on their tables for instance: milk rice, sweet yellow rice with little sweet balls, fruit custard, pudding, cakes etc.

What about who don’t like sweets? Also, who will compete with these sweet dishes? I assume there’s nothing better than a plate of hot, steamed, and dazzling rice with lots of ornaments to accompany your tummy which has already been bored of sweet items.

As it is highly scrumptious to eat, it also takes a lot of effort to make Biryani. Sometimes rice won’t be fried perfectly, rice would get sticky or the spices won’t mix with the rice wholly. In this case, while frying rice in pots with oil, ghee and butter, one should stir the rice frequently with big spoon; also don’t keep rice in water for a long time during washing.

Spices, lots of spices we need to make Biriyani flavor full, means when the flavor will go through your nostril, it will just hit your stomach. Mix the pests of red and green chili, onion, tamarind a little, ginger, garlic, jayfruit(one type of dried fruit), cinnamon, white, almond, kaju (nut), raisin, and coconut milk. Pour this mixing pest of spices with the fried rice and mingle it very finely as to hug all these spices with every rice seed. Don’t forget about salt and if you want you can put natural color little bit.

Without meat biryani is not fulfilled. One can make beef or chicken biryani, so first one has to cook the meat separately. Usually it’s better to cut the pieces small, helps to mix with the rice. Then with the spices described above except raisin, jayfruit, almond and coconut milk, cook the meat first.

Sometimes it is difficult to put the meat layer by layer on the rice. When the rice become almost cooked, pour rice in one dish. Then put one layer of cooked meat and small cutting pieces of boiled egg in pot and place one layer of rice. Repeat this setting of layer until your rice and meat finishes. On the top there will be the layer of meat and egg pieces (cut in round pieces, looks good). One can put onion, garlic leaf and carrot pieces with rice. Finishing touch can be done with fresh trimmed herbs like meant leaf, bay leaf and some pieces of green chili and boiled egg.

While eating this rich food, in your every gulp there will be meat and rice, that’s why the meat is set by layer.

Oh, something happening in my belly. What? You want to eat biryani? Yes. Ok then let’s cook it.


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